Why It’s Kool to Eat Kale

Why it’s Kool to Eat Kale…

& How you can ENJOY it, rather than endure it! 11301570_10205779279354247_591289658_n

KALE… it’s the Holy Grail of green stuff. That’s right, it’s so cool to eat kale, if you haven’t heard of it you’ve likely been hiding under a rock somewhere.

Kale packs a super food punch because it’s low in calories but crammed with nutrients- in fact per calorie, kale has more iron than beef and more calcium than milk! It’s also high in Vitamins A, C & K, which are essential for many bodily functions, and it’s filled with potent antioxidants, making it an anti aging and anti-inflammatory powerhouse. Amongst the many benefits, eating more kale can help lower cholesterol levels, decrease inflammation, protect against cancer, strengthen eye site and help keep those wretched wrinkles at bay!

With all its super powers, the downside of kale is it can be rather tough to chew. To actually enjoy kale, one has to be artful in the preparation and presentation, especially if you plan on feeding it to the kids! That’s where a little imagination comes into play. Types-of-Kale

Green Kale, baby kale, purple kale, and curly kale. In all of its glorious array, it’s definitely become a beloved super food in my fridge. You can blend it, bake it, stir fry it or eat it raw in a salad. From kale pesto to green smoothies, there are many ingenious and adventurous ways to whip up a feast of kale. For those not so courageous in the kitchen, it can be made delicious simply by adding it finely shredded to soups, stews or eggs in the morning.

There are loads of yummy recipes on my website that will help you fall in love with this green stuff! Warm Superfood Salad, Kale Caesar Salad, Kale Chipotle Chips and Kale smoothies, just to name a few of my favourites.

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