Wholesome Smoothies

Why wholesome smoothies are a sensational tool for helping children fell in love with whole foods…

Creating consistently healthy, convenient, and kid friendly meals each day can be challenging. That is why I always have a supply of smoothie ingredients on hand- so I can whip up a dense and nutritious snack at a moments notice that I know my kids will devour!

Home made smoothies really are the most convenient and delightful way to ensure your children get the recommended daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables essential for optimal growth, concentration and development.

Why smoothies are so sensational:

• Children voluntarily eat more fruits and vegetables when homemade smoothies are a consistent part of their diet.

• Smoothies initiate a healthy food culture in your home, and facilitate children in developing an understanding of how different foods greatly affect how they feel.

• Smoothies are like liquid sunshine, making children radiant from their insides out! Plants encapsulate the suns energy in their leaves, fruits, roots and seeds, and blending unlocks this energy, making this life force readily absorbable.

• Whole food smoothies are an abundantly nutritious, energy dense and a convenient way to pack in more of the fibre, antioxidants, essential fats, vitamins and minerals that are fundamental for building a strong immune system and boosting the brain power of growing kids.

• Making your own smoothies means knowing exactly what is in them, so you can avoid toxic additives and hidden sugars that are often added to commercial chains and supermarket brands.

• Smoothies are easily tailored to suit individual needs, allergies, and preferences, and they are suitable and convenient any time of the day.

• They are an unproblematic way to introduce ingredients your child would not normally eat on a plate.

• Smoothies are super travel friendly, making them perfect for lunchboxes and meals on the go.

• There are endless wholesome smoothie combinations, so your family will never get bored!

Sensational Smoothie Tips:IMG_8001 - Version 2

• Have fun naming smoothies with your children- they can suddenly become very appealing if they are going to make them ‘super strong like Ben Ten!’ or ‘give them shiny hair like a princess!’ Choose something desirable and relevant to your child.

• Serve smoothies up in style- children are more likely to give something a go if it looks fun and engaging! Always add a straw for a smooth drinking experience.

• Start with mild greens such as silver beat, lettuce, sprouts, avocado and cucumber, and begin with a 70/30 ratio of fruit to vegetables and slowly work towards flipping this as their palettes adapt.

• Invest in a high-speed blender for the smoothest, tastiest and most efficient results. It will be well worth it- your most important asset is your health!

• Lead by example- smoothies will transform YOUR health, body and cognitive function too!

• Turn left over smoothes into healthy popsicles.

• Ensure you add plenty of ice to make them really REALLY cold and enjoyable.

• Freeze seasonal chopped fruit in bulk for time saving and budget friendly smoothies.

So bring some sunshine into your family’s diet with the introduction of smoothies, and see how profoundly they will transform everyone’s health and desire for nourishing whole foods. The Sunshine Smoothie recipe is a yummy place to start


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