Raising kids with Clean, revitalised water

Clean, natural water is essential for growing children. A child’s body is 75-78% water, and unlike sugar laden soft drinks, fruit juices and cordials, WATER permeates our cell membranes, hydrating our brain and body so every cell can function at it’s best.  images

Brain fog, headaches and poor concentration are very common signs that you or your little ones may be dehydrated. When you consider how much time children are engaged in learning and playing every day, keeping them hydrated is central to their wellbeing and development (and yours too!).

We all want to give our children the very best start to life. I believe after love and connection, the food and water we nourish our bodies with literally determines who we become and even shapes our potential in life. Therefore if we want live a life full of vitality, we must consume food and water full of vitality and life!

Taking care of and investing in my family’s health and wellbeing is one of my highest values, and in12064463_10206493347285499_735540420_n my quest for finding the cleanest and healthiest water solution, I learnt the quality of the water we drink is far more important than the quantity. Although poor quality, contaminated tap water isn’t good for anyone, it’s particularly harmful for young children. Because of their smaller size, many contaminants build up and persist in their body tissues, making them more vulnerable to the effects of toxins and dehydration.

After years of research and unsuccessfully testing different systems, much to my relief I happened across Grander. I recently installed the Grander water revitaliser and filter in my home, and the results have been impressive!

The beauty of the Grander system is it creates water with a lower surface tension, therefore allowinggranderdes1 it to permeate the cell membrane for better absorption. I used to drink 5 litres of water a day and still feel thirsty, and since switching to Grander my thirst is quenched with far less water, and we are noticing other benefits too! From soft glowing skin to better digestion and clearer thinking, we are all enjoying the results and smoother taste.

It’s not just my family’s health that is benefiting from Grander- as a top 10 Master Chef contestant, quality ingredients are equally important when I’m in the kitchen, and I love knowing I have the best most essential ingredient to prepare my meals with. I was even advised to place a bottle of Grander in my crisper to keep my organic vegetables fresher for longer, and it’s working a treat!

For anyone looking for a HEALTHY family water solution, I highly recommend drinking and preparing food with Grander Water.



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