Lime, Mint & Vanilla Mojito Green Smoothie

This smoothie tastes like summer! I’m always coming up with new green smoothie recipes so I can continue enjoying them daily, and I know this one is going to be a huge hit in my house this summer! So refreshing and interesting, I really hope you give it a try! Why not introduce your family to the joy of green smoothes, by serving it up in a big jug with lots of ice and extra fresh mint at your next BBQ :)photo 1


This light, refreshing smoothie (or blended juice) is incredibly alkalising, hydrating, nourishing and cleansing. Cucumbers are 95% water, and they contain silica which is necessary for healthy glowing skin. Limes are high in vitamin C, which is crucial for a strong immune system, and they help to cleanse the body. Mint is an excellent skin cleanser and breath freshener, and it’s a mild stimulant, great for lifting fatigue. The addition of vanilla is for flavour, but it’s also considered an aphrodisiac ;) All of these ingredients stimulate digestive enzymes, improving digestion and assisting detoxification and weight loss. WINNING!!


  • 1 lime, skin removed
  • 1 big handful fresh mint leaves
  • 1 Lebanese cucumber, chopped roughly
  • 1/4 – 1/2 vanilla bean, to taste (if you have a high power blender you can throw in the skin and all, otherwise deseed)
  • 6 drops stevia- or to taste photo 4
  • enough filtered water for a refreshing juice consistency- about 2-3 cups
  • enough ice to make it icey cold!


Blend all ingredients until really smooth and a juice consistency. Taste and ensure it is sweet enough and you can really taste the vanilla.


  • Glam it up and serve in tall glasses with extra ice, lime slices and fresh mint!
  • Use coconut water
  • If serving to guests strain the foam from the top.
  • Add sparkling water if entertaining
  • Real Vanilla bean powder is a great substitute
  • PS Im loving my new vanilla bean grinder that I got in the vanilla section at the supermarket! Very handy for fresh beans!

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