Kids Love Grazing Trays

Silicon Grazing Trays
Silicon Grazing Trays

Struggling to get the kids excited about eating nutritious foods throughout the day? Try introducing a deliciously mouth watering, nutritiously bright and colourful grazing tray.

Grazing Trays…

  • Inspire children to try new flavours, textures and colours
  • Encourages independence and empowered choice over food
  • They can snack all day long from the one tray, saving lots of time in the kitchen
  • Builds imagination and creativity around food.
  • A great way t o balance a variety of different food groups
  • Include yummy chopped fruits, vege sticks, nuts and seeds, healthy dips, brown rice crackers, organic cheese, muesli, mini wholegrain sandwiches, organic popcorn, beans and chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, berries, olives, nut butter for dipping and wholesome treats such as my Raw Energy Balls.

    Muffin Tray
  • Muffin trays and large ice cube trays make the perfect grazing trays.
  • Let each child help you create their daily grazing tray.
  • Perfect for play dates when there are extra mouths to feed all day long.

I would love to share your wholesome grazing tray creations with our community so we can continue to inspire one another! If you have a great pic that you would love to contribute please email it to




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